5 Best High-paying IT jobs in 2017

Last Updated : June 12 2017

5 Best High-paying IT jobs in 2017

by Nathan Ford 2017 June 06

5 best IT jobs in 2017

The dawn of the digital age means that information technology (IT) professionals are taking center stage in the labor market.

Truly, from nongovernment organizations to corporations, IT professionals are greatly needed to power their digital needs. One only needs to go on the internet to find that there are a lot of job vacancies in the IT sector.  

However, if you are overwhelmed by the dizzying number of choices, then it’s probably a good idea to seek the help of recruitment agencies that specialize in the IT job sector to find the IT job most suited for you. Below is a list of best IT jobs and what their job description usually entails.

  1. Software engineer - Computer software engineers are qualified professionals working to bring us the latest in software technology, from programs to apps and games. Being part and parcel of our daily routine, software engineering developments are very much sought after. However, it’s become impossible to keep up with the daily developments, and as such, require software engineers to have the specialization to stay abreast of changing technology. It’s all worth it in the end, however--the average annual pay for software engineers fall between $80.000-$100,000.
  2. Network administrator - The job of the network administrator is to maintain computer hardware and software systems that belong to a computer network. For organizations, network administrators are responsible for keeping their network up and running and for coordinating their systems for a smoother workflow. The annual salary for a network administrator ranges from $47,000 to $120,000.
  3. Database administrator - The database administrator manages the environmental aspects of the data tables and databases. He ensures that everything is running smoothly in the databases and the systems without any errors and handles many challenging tasks like the security of the data, recovery from failure, fine-tuning of the database, troubleshooting frequent errors etc. While larger institutions employ a team of database administrators, the smaller ones have one or two experienced database administrators working for them. The salary for this position is around $85,000 yearly.
  4. IT security specialist - An IT security specialist is in charge of the protection of sensitive data, as well as the management of access to networks and resources. This may include protection of customer information such as credit card details or employee information. It may also include the prevention of criminal activity and intrusions on the company network. The pay is around $93,000 yearly.
  5. Computer systems analyst - Computer systems analysts are responsible for solving computing problems and using technology to meet the needs of a business, often choosing various hardware and software packages for their employers. For example, an accounting business will have a systems analyst select specific accounting software that will suit the corporation’s business model. A computer systems analyst’s annual pay is around $87,000.


Other highly sought-after IT jobs

  • Web developer
  • Technology manager
  • Video game designer
  • Mobile application developer

Given these opportunities, if you are looking for any sort of IT job or contract, your best bet would be to go through a recruitment service. Not only will they help you reach out to more potential opportunities, they also help you present yourself in a more professional light and negotiate your salaries, among other things.

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