6 ways to know if you're applying for the wrong job

Last Updated : July 03 2017

6 ways to know if you're applying for the wrong job

by Nathan Ford 2017 July 03

Who wants to be tied in the wrong job? I don't.  I'm sure you don't want that, too!  We spend most of our time doing our job so it better be something that we like, right?

To avoid getting trapped in the wrong job, I created a list of ways to know if you're applying for the wrong job. This way we can stay away from it!

The more you stay away from the wrong job, the closer you get to the right one. So let's do this!

6 Ways To Know If You're Applying For The Wrong Job

Work, what does it even mean?

This word work elicits so many senses and emotions. For some people, work is just another source of money, while to others, work can be described as a hobby or a combination of both to some.

It will not be a mistake to say that an ideal work includes the following primary parts: self-realization, profit, and moral satisfaction. Only by combining these three parts we can comfortably assert that we are happy with our work.

Now let's talk about skills. It's not a secret that some people sell products faster and successfully than others, while others love to teach and transfer their knowledge to other people.

Some of us can execute certain jobs just in a few minutes and do so pretty good. We all have different natural skills and we must realize our respective strengths. If you run faster than most of your fellows, then consider being another Usain Bolt! I hope that makes sense to you.

Imagine being at your perceived dreamĀ job, but still feeling unhappy. This is very common in most professional settings.


So, what are some of the 6 ways to know if you're applying for the wrong job? Here we go.

1. You Don't Like What the Job Entails

The first and the simplest reason is you don't like what the job entails. You wake up in the morning and go for the interview. What is your first feeling when you arrive at the interview? Joy or irritation and sadness? Your future job should instantly make you happy, and that's more than enough to understand that you need to change your mind about applying for the job.

2. Limited Growth Opportunities

You realize that your growth opportunities are limited based on the professional qualifications requirements for the job. We have to develop our professional skills all the time. If we don't have the opportunity to grow up as professionals, stop and begin to degrade. As a result, dissatisfaction, bad mood, no self-realization, and stress will likely be common if do no act now. If you feel that you will not get an opportunity to develop or further your academic or professional qualifications at the particular company, do not apply for the opening.


3. You stopped learning

Remember yourself at the beginning of work. You were inspired and every day you got new knowledge and experience. You felt the fullness of life. If you can't get anything more of from the job, do not apply for a similar position at another company. Instead, move forward and look for new and more interesting opportunities.

4. Not Financially Rewarding

Coming to work and diligently performing your assigned duties, you will be expecting a return in monetary terms. We all like to feel valued, right? Therefore, if you strongly feel that the job you were applying for will not subject you a decent reward, it's really not worth it. So, if the salary doesn't satisfy you, don't apply for this job.

5. You are Embarrassed about the Job

You feel ashamed to apply for the work. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it is true. If you think that the job does not meet your requirements and experience, it's a signal that you are on wrong way.

6. The Work Hinders Your Social Life

If you feel that the job will not allow you to have normal vacations, will interfere with some of your personal schedule (such as spending quality time with family and friends), the do not apply for this job. You will always find more comfortable jobs. You cannot gamble with your health, family, friends, and joy of the life.

We hope these tips will help you to understand yourself. We wish you well and ensure that you apply for the right job.

Nathan Ford
#1 Nathan FordAuthor 18 March, 2014, 12:37 Nathan lives in Southern California together with his family. He loves photography and enjoys playing golf.