Job search tips

Last Updated : July 03 2017

Job search tips

by Nathan Ford 2017 June 29

With so many people looking for a job, it's not easy anymore to land one. The competition is just too high, right? 

But don't worry! You still have the edge over other applicants. Just make sure you read first and take to heart our 3 job search tips to help you land that job!

Read on!

Job Search Tips


Hey, you want to earn cash? Of course, you do. After all, who doesn't want money? But how can I earn money or a living? These are some of the questions we frequently ask ourselves.

Indeed, there are many ways you use to earn money. For instance, you can start doing a business that will give all the freedom of spending your time for anything you want.

Or, are you feeling lucky to try a lottery? Well, bad news, right? You can only earn cash, if you win, it annoys right? Yes, I know.

But worry not since you don't have to rely on your luck to earn money. So what is the most common way to earn money? You got it, the answer is getting a job, yup that's right having a job is the most common way to earn cash. Now on to the real question, how can I get a JOB?

If you want job search tips, you got it here, just keep reading.

Getting a job, that's right, that's the responsibility of an adult. To earn in order to eat, to have clothes, and to have an educational background. Okay, I want a job, where do I start? Finding a job can be stressful in lots of ways, you travel long distances to apply for a job only to be told to wait for them to call you but they won't even bother calling you.

Let me tell you that there is an easy method for landing a job, and these are the best 3 job search tips that will land you your first job.


Job search tip # 1

Use online job websites for 48 % to increase your employment probability

Online job searching is a now a modern practice among job hunters not only are they efficient, but also, the job hunter is also guaranteed to land their first job from these sites. Here is a list of the top online job websites.

1.) LinkedIn

2.) BranchOut

3.) AngelList

4.) Zerply

5.) MeetUp

6.) Visual CV

7.) PartnerUp

8.) Opportunity

9.) Twylah

Choose from the numerous opportunities posted on one of these sites and having your dream job won't be a chase dream anymore.



Job search tip # 2

Dress Up for respect

Dressing up is for the big day (if you are called for the interview) is common sense among professionals. After all, being decent commands immense respect.

Dressing up also reflects your character, how you dress up for the big day is a big factor since it will show how much you're passionate about the job, and for that wear a corporate attire.


Job search tip # 3

Review your Resume to have a 100 in interview

Ensure that your resume has all the details about you, your educational background, your skills, your accomplishments and even your strengths and weaknesses.

In fact, the resume will largely portray you, and it is important that you know all the contents of your resume since all the questions for the interview will come from it.

Now go for the interview, remain confident and calm when answering questions.

Now that you are hired, get ready for the first day and don't forget to dress up, be confident and smile. Who knows, maybe you get hired permanently or get promoted because of that.

Good luck in your job search!

Here's a great video tips to help you on searching a job.

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