Steps to knowing yourself better

Last Updated : June 15 2017

Steps to knowing yourself better

by Nathan Ford 2017 June 15

Steps to a successful career planning 

Personal development is a lifelong process, but a necessary journey nevertheless, to maximize one’s life.

When you are involved with activities that make you aware of improving your identity, developing your talents, building your human capital and can facilitate your employability, you have personal development. Engaging yourself in activities that involve the development of your personality can help you in enhancing the quality of life that you have and contribute to making your aspirations a reality. These informal and formal activities don't only help one person, but it can also help in developing the lives of others involved with the activities. Personal development focuses on how a person can improve himself and make use of that to help others understand themselves better.


How to improve yourself via personal development activities

Personality development includes different areas of improvement in a person's life. You should always aspire to become the best that you can be in whatever things you are doing. Your passion should always be your focus when it comes to achieving the best in all your endeavors in life. Keep in mind, however, that being good in a certain field doesn't mean that you are also going to be good in every other field you want to try. Just being an inspiration to others who want to achieve the same goals that you have will make you feel that you are worth having that kind of success in your life.

When involving yourself in personal development, having some failures in life can help you in making your personality stronger. Experiencing failures in life makes you open to any lessons that you should learn. You will learn to face all the challenges that come into your life and be ready to whatever trials that come your way. Being aware of your certain strengths and weaknesses will also enable you to uncover any piece of your life's puzzle. This will help you in becoming the person you want to be.


Setting goals for yourself

Knowing what you want to achieve in life will help in developing your personality. You should make sure that no hindrance could stop you in achieving that goal. No critic should ever be the reason to stop dreaming, and no amount of criticism should affect the way you look at life.

The most important part of being in the process of personal development is to know that the path that you are taking will lead you to a long-term goal that could have a big impact on your perspectives. Being able to know yourself better will make you more open to interacting with every person that you meet. Personal development will enhance your confidence and be the person that you were never before.


Tips to getting to know yourself better for personal development


More insight into yourself

Your feelings, ideas, the way you give value to the things in the whole world around you are things that are important factors that decide how you experience life. That's why it's important to dig deeper and to believe in yourself:


Assess your thoughts

You probably think you know yourself very well. You often think about what "moves" you in life. But thinking like this has its limitations. Thought are expressed in words. Words give meaning to everything you experience. But not everything you see, hear, smell, feel and taste can be expressed in words. How often does it happen that you don't like something but when asked why you can't give a real answer? "It's just a feeling."


Probe your feelings

Feelings are often thought of as less important than thoughts. Your thoughts are logical and controllable, while feelings are considered irrational. If you make a decision, for example, you think about it a lot instead of just going with your gut feeling. You trust your thoughts! Actually, that's not completely true. It's a fact that people make important decisions based on their gut feeling as much as they think about it.

That's why, if you want to learn more about yourself, it's critical to assess your feelings too. Like I said before, your feelings are hard to put in words sometimes. As an exercise, try to be aware of your feeling right now without expressing them in words. Emotions can touch you very deeply. If something changes your feelings, it has probably touched something very deep in you. Acknowledge that you can be scared of something for no apparent reason. Recognize that your mood isn't always as stable as you thought.


Research your needs

What do you need? Salespeople supply where there is a demand with customers. And if they do it correctly, they also see the need behind the need, which allows them to make recommendations and suggestions.

A classic example is a carpenter that doesn't want a drill machine. He wants a hole. A salesperson can focus his presentation on all the new high-tech drills he has, but it wouldn't interest the carpenter if he thinks he doesn't need it. He’ll be too fixated with having a hole.

The actual need is often even deeper than that. The carpenter may have a need to have a better status and loyal customer base. The needs of the human being often really have to do with the relationships that exist between two people.

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