Tips for job interview success

Last Updated : June 15 2017

Tips for job interview success

by Nathan Ford 2017 June 15

Tips for job interview success

Job interviews, especially for your dream career, can be I right?

Most people, if asked about the most important aspect of your life aside from your family, friends, and relationships, would probably say “career.” But, in order to clinch their dream jobs, they are first going to have to go through interviews.

Interviews are important as they are your first interactions with any company. Generally, candidates are selected for interviews based on their CVs. It may be conducted in an office or a hotel hired by the company or over the phone, based on your interviewer's choice. However, no matter the method or place of the interview may be, what is important is how you go about it. 


How to succeed in a job interview

Do your homework 

Before you go for the interview, conduct a research on the company, the employer, and the job opportunity. Success in a job interview involves a thorough knowledge of the company, job opportunity, and the requirements. Go to their official website and other content published regarding them on various search engines. This will not only give you an idea of the background of what or who you'll be working for but will also give you an edge in your interview--and even if you're actually applying for the wrong job!


Prepare your responses

Make sure you go through commonly asked questions in the interview and prepare your responses to the expected questions. Expect the type of interview you would be facing and prepare for it. Find out if you can if it will one-on-one or a panel interview. Knowing these would give you an idea of what to expect. However, do not memorize your responses; instead, just have an idea of how you will respond.


Dress to impress

A well-dressed candidate stands a higher chance of being selected. Plan a look that best suits the culture of the organization. Strive for a professional appearance. Wear something professional that fits you. Do not smoke or eat anything right before you get into the interview. Chewing gum is a no-no. After all, the first impression is the best impression and you don't want to make it an understated one.


Manage your time efficiently

Make sure you're on time for the interview, and if possible stay ahead of time. There is no excuse valid enough to be late for an interview. To be safe, arrive about fifteen minutes early in case there is paperwork that must be completed before you go ahead. Pack some extra copies of your resume and reference lists, some pens, and a pocket-sized notebook on which to jot down notes.


Stay relaxed

Maintain your composure and stay relaxed at the interview. Do not panic or get nervous. Have faith in yourself and believe that you will do well. Pro tip: Switch off your cell phone.


First impressions

Besides your outfit, your body language speaks too. So make sure to be polite and offer a warm greeting to your interviewer or hiring manager. If you're rude or come off as arrogant, you could be rejected. When you greet your hiring manager, stand straight, smile, make eye contact and offer a firm handshake. A firm handshake will definitely impress your interviewer since it is an important aspect of the corporate world. However, make sure your handshake is firm, not bone-crushing.


Stay authentic and candid

The quality of your responses matters a great deal in an interview. Stay authentic. Do not lie regarding your background, skills or studies, since the organization is bound to find out anyway via a thorough background check. Respond truthfully to all the questions asked. Never bad-mouth a previous employer no matter how much your hiring manager may bait you. Make sure you deliver focused responses and showcase your skills.


Thank your interviewer

Personally thanking your interviewer and the staff members involved with your interview is a great way of showing your gratitude. This will not only send out good vibes but will also strengthen your image as a person.

One final tip for the success of your job interview? Stay relaxed and believe in your capabilities.

Nathan Ford
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