Tips to finding a fulfilling career

Last Updated : July 03 2017

Tips to finding a fulfilling career

by Nathan Ford 2017 July 03

Our career is what we do most of our waking hours and we don't want it to be something that we dread doing, right?  We want a career that we look forward to every day. 

But not everyone is lucky enough to find a fulfilling career, We still see people who hate going to work.  And you don't have to be one of them, so I'm giving tips to finding a fulfilling career!


Tips to Finding a Fulfilling Career


There are many people that have a difficulty deciding what they want to do in life. They may have some kind of an idea of what would make a good career but they may hesitate to take advantage of it, thinking that there may be something better that's just around the corner. Others spend their lives engaging in jobs that they weren't interested in, making this a terrible mistake. If you find that you are struggling in this way, here are some tips to finding a fulfilling career that's going to work for you and anyone else that is involved in your life.


Know What You Love Doing/Strengths

This may seem rather simplistic but in reality, it is the first step that should be taken because without knowing what you enjoy doing, you can hardly choose a career that is going to fit in with your lifestyle. Try not to compare yourself with others but be unique in your own way.

There are some assessment tests that will assist you in making this evaluation but it also may take a little bit of research on your part. List down all the activities you are good at and those you enjoy doing on your free time.

Identifying your strengths will at least give you a starting point so that you can choose a career that is going to be something that you can do permanently. If you are having trouble coming up with a list, ask a trusted friend or family member and they will surely assist.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Just as you have identified your strengths in specific areas, it is advisable you also consider your weakness in those areas. This will help you come to a conclusion on which career to pursue. However, those points that you have identified them as your weak areas can also play a role of being your strengths and your drive. Don't just treat them as hindrances in your career life.

Job Opportunities

Knowing what you are good in, consider the job opportunities available in that field of work. Some areas in that field might be so competitive whereas you may find job openings in other lines of work. This information on job vacancies may be found in online websites, advertisements on TV or in newspapers/magazines.

If you know anyone already working in those fields, you could arrange an appointment with them to enquire for more information on that job.

Foresee the Future

You need to think where your job will be five to ten years to come. Is it a career that has a growth potential? For example, if you spend your time learning how to repair typewriters whereas computers are evolving you will become unemployed with time. Therefore when deciding on a career, be assured that it is something that has a growth potential in the future.

The Reward

Give a thought on the rewards that come with that career in terms of salary/money. Some people say it does not make a difference but in reality, you have to be compensated for your hard work. When searching for job opportunities, consider the salary offered in different areas. By doing something you enjoy and it fits with your financial lifestyle is a wise choice.

When you go through these tips with a positive attitude and take your time, finding a fulfilling career should be easy. You'll be on your way to making a lot of money and being successful doing something that you are really good at.

Check this hierarchy of career fulfillment and see if you already have one!


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