Ways to manage multiple career interests

Last Updated : June 19 2017

Ways to manage multiple career interests

by Nathan Ford 2017 June 19

How does having more than one career appeal to you? The thought of you not running out of work because you are just too talented and the fact that you will have other sources of income is pretty cool, right?

Now if you decide to have multiple career interests, make sure you check out the tips I compiled in this article to help you manage your multiple careers!

Okay, let's get started! 


Ways to Manage Multiple Career Interests


Sometimes we come across people doing something which is not their main job. But do this person really manage their multiple careers? With regards here are some of the ways to manage multiple career interests.

1. Making use of Your Existing Skills and Experience

Most of the time it's the skills and experience we've developed in our professional career that make us think that we can try out something different. Sometimes through experience one can develop a skill that he or she may think useful and profitable when applied in a different career field. So using all of the skills and talents that you have can be one of the ways to easily manage multiple career interest.

2. Using all of What You Have

Regardless of what a small number of abilities you think you have, you can use them maximally to build into multiple careers. Managing multiple careers will require a lot of your skills and talent, remember not all people can multitask, but if it happens that you're among those who can multitask, then use your talent to manage something different from your career. And that doesn't mean that if you are not talented to multi-task now you can't do something different from your career, there are other ways for you. Read on to discover more.

3. Being Adaptable

The key to effectively making use of your skills and talents in different settings alongside your professional career is to be eager and prepared to adjust to each of those different settings. Think about a manager sitting on various authoritative seats. While the expertise set they bring into each different situation will be the same, they will utilize it differently each time.


4. Managing time

When you have that number of career interests, you should be canny about how you utilize your time. Give every individual you're servicing enough time. It's a juggling demonstration to guarantee you respect and regard each of your duties regarding without letting yourself and other individuals down, but it's feasible.

5. Speaking to partners

Speak with your partners and make inquiry of what is going on when you are away. Tell them they're on your radar and that you're contemplating them. Don't simply hold up until a planned arrangement to get in contact with them.

6. Organizing business

Make sure to administrate your business and in addition to taking the necessary steps that make up the front end of your business. This implies keeping your records altogether, continuing top of solicitations, dealing with your site well, and so forth.

7. Getting the required equipment

To manage multiple careers at the same time requires some resources and equipment.for example you may need a modern computer where you will be doing video conferencing or a decent phone for communication with other stakeholders in another career field.

Final note


The above, are simple ways yet very basic to anyone thinking of running something alongside his or her career. If thinking about something different from your career, then it is time to go for it by following the above simple tips.

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